Class Code: 02085








Under general supervision, receives, maintains, and issues medical items and equipment for use by physicians, nurses, and other medically oriented personnel in the care and treatment of patients at a state institution; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Cleans, sterilizes, and assembles hospital equipment, supplies, and instruments according to prescribed procedures and techniques.

Scrubs and washes surgical instruments, containers, rubber gloves, and syringes and other equipment such as surgical linens, surgical packs, and treatment trays using sterile techniques and equipment such as an autoclave, water sterilizer, or antiseptic solutions.

Prepares packs of supplies, instruments, dressings, and treatment trays according to designated lists of guides; wraps, labels, and seals such packs or trays.

Receives new supplies from supply sources; examines supplies for damage, shortages, or errors in shipping; sorts and places articles received in appropriate storage areas.

Fills requisitions from ward areas or emergency treatment rooms with supplies and equipment such as sterile bandages, catheters, syringes or other medical supplies.

Maintains records of usage and numbers of specific supplies on inventory for purposes of inventory control and reordering; contacts supervisor to order needed supplies.

Physically counts supplies on hand for inventory purposes on a regular basis.

Examines reusable items for breakage or deterioration; makes minor repairs if possible; sizes, mates, and wraps items in paper or cloth preparatory to sterilizing.



Knowledge of basic medical terminology as applied to medical supplies and equipment and their use.

Knowledge of basic sterile techniques.

Ability to follow detailed procedural or other written instructions on compilation of assortments of medical items.

Ability to keep basic inventory records and use these records to assess the need for reordering.

Ability to learn the operation of equipment such as an autoclave and to learn the more complicated sterile techniques.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Exhibits honesty and integrity. Refrains from theft-related, dishonest and unethical behavior.

Works and communicates with internal and external clients and customers to meet their needs in a polite, courteous, and cooperative manner. Committed to quality service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort and commitment towards completing assignments efficiently. Works with minimal supervision. Demonstrates responsible behavior and attention to detail.

Responds appropriately to supervision. Makes an effort to follow policy and cooperate with supervisors.

Aligns behavior with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization.

Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust and group identity. Fosters commitment and team spirit.

Expresses information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information. Listens to others and responds appropriately.



The equivalent of one year of full-time experience as a nursing assistant in a health care facility;


completion of Licensed Practical Nurse training;


the equivalent of one year of full-time experience as a sterile supply worker in a health care facility;


completion of two years in a professional nursing educational program shall be considered as qualifying.


Effective Date: 3/93 DM