Class Code: 05417








Under general direction, performs quasi-administrative duties in directing the forestry programs in a portion of the state, or for specific programs in the entire state; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Assists a supervisor by performing, in accordance with set procedures, policies, and standards, such duties as instructing employees about tasks, answering questions about procedures and policies, distributing and balancing the workload and checking work; may make occasional suggestions on appointments, promotions, and reassignments.

Assists foresters in providing forest management advice to private landowners, and in writing management plans and carrying out multiple use management of state forests.

Assists foresters with management recommendations in cases involving large private ownerships or in cases where controversy is likely.

Conducts training meetings for agency employees and the public in specialty areas such as the following: tree improvement techniques, plantation establishment, insect and disease control, utilization of wood crops from the forest, fire prevention and suppression techniques.

Advises the State Forester in the following statewide programs: state forest management, nursery management, seed collection, reforestation, excess federal property program, fire prevention, wood using industry improvement, cooperative programs with federal, state and other governmental agencies, forest insect and disease control, forest land use policy, forest taxation and legislation.



Knowledge of professional forestry principles and practices.

Knowledge of natural resource practices required in Iowa.

Knowledge of the use of technical and specialized equipment and tools used in forestry work.

Knowledge of the policies, procedures and regulations of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Knowledge of current literature, trends and developments in the forestry or forestry management fields.

Ability to use tact and courtesy in handling difficult matters and in dealing with the public.

Ability to make decisions based on research and management data.

Ability to work out-of-doors under all types of conditions and to withstand physically demanding work.

Ability to effectively train employees in new techniques.

Ability to maintain accurate records and make final comprehensive reports.

Ability to formulate area or statewide plans for a major forestry area of responsibility.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Exhibits honesty and integrity. Refrains from theft-related, dishonest or unethical behavior.

Works and communicates with internal and external clients and customers to meet their needs in a polite, courteous, and cooperative manner. Committed to quality service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort and commitment towards completing assignments efficiently. Works with minimal supervision. Demonstrates responsible behavior and attention to detail.

Responds appropriately to supervision. Makes an effort to follow policy and cooperate with supervisors.

Aligns behavior with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization.

Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity. Fosters commitment and team spirit.

Expresses information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information. Listens to others and responds appropriately.



Graduation from an accredited college or university with major course work in forestry, and the equivalent of three years of full-time experience in professional forestry work;


an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting the equivalent of thirty semester hours of graduate level course work in forestry for each year of the required experience;


employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes the equivalent of eighteen months of full-time experience as a Forester 2 shall be considered qualified.


Effective Date: 12/31/93 CSH