Class Code:  01035








Instructs institutional residents in a skilled trade to prepare them for employment at discharge; may also provide services to the employing institution in the trade area taught; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Conducts classroom or on-the-job training in the principles or techniques of a trade such as auto mechanics or printing.

Maintains discipline among clients and intervenes during disruptive behavior to keep such behavior from interfering with the clients' learning.

Instructs clients in acceptable social, work, and interpersonal behaviors to facilitate clients' ability to be successful in a work environment.

Places clients in work situations within the institution to enable them to learn a vocation.

Administers interest inventories, standardized reading tests, standardized work tasks, academic achievement tests, and vocational aptitude tests to clients.

Writes individual vocational case plans for clients to insure that their vocational needs are met.

Writes lesson plans to prepare for classes by researching, summarizing and sequencing the material to be presented.

Writes progress notes, periodic reviews of individual cases, and other reports in approved formats.

Attends meetings as a member of an interdisciplinary treatment team to coordinate therapy efforts with other staff.

Provides services to employing institution in the occupation of expertise such as auto servicing or printing.



Knowledge of the principles and accepted practices of the trade or occupation taught to clients.

Knowledge of acceptable social, work and interpersonal behavior.

Knowledge of the principles of behavior modification as applied to maintaining control of clients.

Knowledge of classroom teaching principles and techniques.

Knowledge of counseling theories and techniques useful in facilitating the rehabilitation of disabled clients.

Knowledge of the basic principles and theories of psychology.

Knowledge of the effects of intellectual disabilities, mental illness, or physical disabilities on the vocational development and functioning level of clients.

Ability to interact with clients to gain and maintain their confidence.

Ability to make oral presentations to clients in a classroom setting.

Ability to perform simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Ability to read and write English at the level necessary for completing the required case records.

Ability to empathize with disabled clients.

Ability to interact with staff in a manner that establishes and maintains effective work relationships.

Ability to determine the skills required to perform a variety of jobs.

Ability to lead group discussions with clients for instructional purposes.

Ability to maintain discipline and communicate with low-functioning clients.

Ability to evaluate level of disabled clients' vocational functioning using information from client interviews, case records and input from other staff.

Ability to interpret and apply results from standardized measurement instruments such as interest, aptitude, achievement and dexterity tests.

Ability to evaluate progress of clients toward their vocational goals.

Ability to design work tasks for disabled clients.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct.  Refrains from dishonest behavior.

Works and communicates with all clients and customers providing professional service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail and commitment by completing assignments efficiently with minimal supervision.

Follows policy and cooperates with supervisors.

Fosters and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity and team spirit throughout the organization.

Exchanges information with individuals or groups effectively by listening and responding appropriately.



Experience equal to two years of full-time work in an occupational/trade area which is offered at a state institutional vocational program* with responsibility for performing work in the trade area or for teaching and/or overseeing others in the trade area;


experience equal to two years of full-time professional experience in education as a teacher or administrator (e.g., educator or principal);


experience equal to two years of full-time experience instructing mentally handicapped clients in pre-vocational skills such as color/shape discrimination, following directions, performing tasks, etc. (e.g., Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant);


the equivalent of twenty-four semester hours of post high school coursework at a vocational/technical school, college, or university with a major emphasis in an occupational/trade area which is offered at a state institutional vocational program* or in vocational education;


any equivalent combination of the above shall be considered as qualifying with education substituting for the required experience on the basis of one semester hour equals one month of experience.


  *   Occupational and trade areas offered at state institutional vocational programs are listed below in the selective certification section.




For all positions,  the Appointing  Authority may request those applicants possessing a minimum of twelve semester hours of education, six months of experience, or a combination of both, or a specific certificate, license, or endorsement in the following areas:


006       agriculture

019       auto body

020       auto mechanics

021       auto servicing

024       air conditioning (heating and/or refrigeration)

050       baking

059       building maintenance

060       building trades (masonry, carpentry, etc.)

105       cooking

125       computer service (repair)

143       dietary (general)

148       diesel mechanic

177       electricity

189       education or guidance & counseling (career exploration)

278       household repair

279       housekeeping (commercial)

287       home economics (general or vocational)

288       horticulture

390       machine tools (lathe, drill, milling machine, etc.)

520       painting and decorating

532       printing

654       small engine repair

711       computer programming

730       upholstery

765       welding

766       woodworking (staining, varnishing, finishing, etc.)


Applicants wishing to be considered for such designated positions must list applicable course work, experience, certificate, license, or endorsement on the application.



Effective Date:  03/12 BR