Last Update:  October 2010


Supervisors are responsible for reviewing all Position Description Questionnaires (PDQs) submitted for positions under their supervision.  The review includes the supervisor’s comments.  These comments may provide further clarification of the responsibilities of the position.


If the employee has prepared a PDQ and the supervisor believes the information is inaccurate or incomplete, the supervisor should discuss the issues with the employee.  If the supervisor is still concerned about the information in the PDQ, a new PDQ should be requested. The employee may be convinced that the original PDQ version is correct. In this case, the PDQ prepared by the employee should be submitted, but the supervisor should comment in detail on the differences in the supervisory review section of the PDQ.  Additional pages may be added if needed.


If an employee is requesting a job class that the supervisor believes is inappropriate, the supervisor should note the difference of opinion in the supervisory review section of the PDQ and specify which job class the supervisor believes is appropriate.


An employee who prepares a PDQ has the right to have it reviewed through established procedures.






1.     Generally, the employee will prepare the PDQ and give it to the supervisor for review and completion of the section titled “Supervisor Review of PDQ.  If the position is vacant, the supervisor will normally prepare the PDQ for the department. 


2.     The supervisor and appointing authority must review and forward the PDQ to DAS-HRE within 30 calendar days after receiving it from the employee.


3.     Within the 30-calendar day review period, management must inform the employee whether it supports the request, and if it does not, the reason(s) that the request is not supported.


a.   If management in the department is in agreement with the request, a Position Change Request (M-5) is initiated and electronically submitted to the Department of Management for budget approval prior to forwarding the PDQ to the DAS-HRE for classification approval.

b.   If management in the department does not agree with the request, the PDQ must be forwarded directly to the DAS-HRE for review.


4.     If the employee does not receive management’s decision within 30 calendar days, he or she may send a copy of the PDQ directly to the DAS-HRE for review.


5.     When the PDQ is received by the DAS-HRE, the Department will complete its review within 60 calendar days and issue a classification decision to the employee and management.


6.     The employee or management may request reconsideration within 30 calendar days following the DAS-HRE tentative decision.  If not satisfied with the Department’s final response (issued within 30 calendar days of the request for reconsideration), either the employee or management may, within 14 calendar days of the receipt of the final decision, request a Classification Appeal Committee hearing for a final administrative decision.