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Human Resources

The BrassRing Applicant Process

For the purposes of this explanation, we have divided the new applicant home screen into four main sections, as follows.

Top section: The Progress Bar

At the top of almost all of the applicant screens you will see a diagram called the Progress Bar. It looks similar to this:

Image of progress bar on BrassRing

The progress bar helps you keep track of where you are in the system. When there is a check-mark in the box above a page name, it means that page has been viewed during the current session. As you move through pages, the page name will appear with a box above the name. When there is a check in the box, you have previously viewed that page. The right most box will be blank. That represents the page you are currently on. You can always move back to any of the previous pages by clicking on the link to that page. The link is the actual title under the check box, not the box itself. Always remember that the Home page is the first BrassRing page, the one this explanation is all about. It is generally a good starting off point.

Second Section: The Welcome Message and The Log In Box

The next section is divided into two parts. The part on the left side is the Welcome. The part on the right side is the login portion. The second section looks like this:
Image of log in box on BrassRing

Anyone can search for jobs in the system. However, in order to apply for a vacancy on line, you must have a valid BrassRing user account. A BrassRing user account requires a valid email address.

If you are a first time user, click on the link that says click here to create a new account. You will first see a privacy policy to which you must agree in order to continue. Read the policy and, if you agree with the terms, click AGREE. Follow the instructions on the Create login screen to complete the process. All fields on the Create login screen are required. If you do not already have a valid email address, you can create a new one using one of the free email providers. There are links on the page to both Yahoo and Hotmail for your convenience. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, click DISAGREE. You will be returned to the Welcome page and you will not be able to apply online. You can still search for vacancies.

Third Section: Search Openings

One feature of this new system is the searching capability which will make searching for openings much easier for you. That section looks like this:

Image of search openings area on BrassRing

When you click on the Search openings link, you will see a search page on which you can select the search criteria you want. You can search for jobs in a certain county (or in several counties), in a certain department (or in several departments), or even jobs that contain certain words in the job title. You can also search for jobs by date posted. The top part of the search screen looks like this:

Image of search openings screen in BrassRing

After you choose the search information you want, click Search to begin your search. See the Search Results Section for more information on what the search results screen looks like and what you can do with the results of your search.

Fourth Section: Job Match

Another feature of this system is the opportunity to enter information from or about your own work or education history and have the system search for a vacancy that matches. That section looks like this:

Image of job match section in BrassRing

There will be links on the screen to show you examples of what you might enter into this section. After you have made your entry, click Search to see any matches that were found.

Search Results

At the top of the screen, you will see the familiar Progress Bar with the current page, Search results, at the far right with an un-checked box.

If your search does not produce the results you expected, you can click the Refine Search link to re-create your search. When you are done, click Search again.

To view any of the jobs in your search results, click the small white box in front of one or more jobs on the list and click on the View job(s) link. You will see all the details of the first job selected on the list. To see the next job you selected, click on the Next job link toward the top of the screen.

To apply for one or more of the jobs on your results screen, click the small white box in front of the job(s) then click on the Apply for Job Vacancy(s) link. You will be taken directly to the log-in screen where you can either log in using your existing account or follow the screen instructions to create a user account.

If you see a vacancy in which someone you know may be interested, you can forward information about this job to that person. To do so, click the job(s) in which they may be interested and click the Send to friend link. You will be taken to the E-mail job to a friend page. Complete the page and click the Send e-mail link. The system will send send an email to the recipient as requested.

If your search did not produce the results you were seeking, you can save that search to run regularly for you. To do that, you create a Search Agent. You must be a BrassRing user to create and run a Search Agent. When you click the Create search agent link, you will be asked to log in. Once logged in, you will be asked to name the search, identify how often you want the search to run, and tell the system where to email the results. The system will run the search as instructed and send the results to the email address identified. You can view your saved searches at a later time from your profile screen.

If you are running several searches, you can select jobs for which to apply by clicking the small white box in front of the job(s) and saving it for application later after you have selected all desired jobs. You can view all jobs in the cart from your profile screen.